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Hey! A bit about me


My journey from corporate 9-to-5er to liberated business owner!

I'm Aleks - a business owner/wedding DJ, podcast host and marketing professional with 17 years' experience across Sydney, London and Melbourne. I've spent 14 years working with law firms in all areas of marketing, communications, PR, business development and events.


For the last four years, I've also run a successful wedding DJ business with my partner, One More Song. It was originally a side hustle. Through our marketing efforts, we've been able to attract our ideal clients and generate enough revenue for both of us to work on the business full time.

We also co-host a wedding industry podcast called Project Engaged, where we share our experiences of running a successful small business.


I started marketing consultancy Pump Me Up in 2021 to help like-minded business owners and professionals nail their marketing without needing to hire a full time marketing manager or team.

So, although I can work with all service-based businesses, I specialise in the legal and wedding industries, 

Ballons Celebrating Business Success Pump Me Up

Why I started Pump Me Up

When I quit working for someone else, my life changed for the better.

I'm super passionate about helping small to medium businesses and professional individuals looking to get out of their 9 to 5 rut and make money from their PASSION.

How can I make this happen for you?

Using my unique blend of corporate and creative experience, I'll help you build your profile, become a leader in your industry and connect with your audiences in an authentic way.

I want to share my years of experience in everything from marketing strategy through to website copy, blogging, social media messaging and more, to help you thrive and find the same freedom I've found.

Let's start working together!

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