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The Boutique Lawyer Show: Getting maximum mileage out of your marketing

Do you feel like marketing is a time-sucking drag and you're not getting much back from it? You may want to listen to my podcast interview with Lawyers Weekly editor Jerome Doraisamy on The Boutique Lawyer Show, where I talk about how to get the most out of your existing marketing efforts.

This podcast chat is relevant to all small service-based businesses!

Listen to The Boutique Lawyer Show episode

In this episode, I talk about there being a shift away from traditional business marketing approaches towards a focus on establishing emotional connections with clients and communities. Being authentic is is a must for marketing campaigns.

I also chat about my career in marketing to date, how I came to work with and for law firms, my observations of how well law firms in Australia are doing with their marketing efforts, the biggest mistakes that SME firms make with marketing and misconceptions that they might have. There is a hesitance to commit to marketing campaigns, as I discuss with Jerome, so I provide some practical steps that firms should take to ensure longevity from their marketing efforts, discuss which marketing platforms law firms can and should be looking at and how to get the most out of legal awards programs to bolster their reputation in the market.

If you're a boutique law firm owner wanting to ramp up your marketing efforts without taking on permanent staff, check out more information on my legal marketing services or get in touch via

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