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The one thing that sets service-based businesses apart!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Question for all service-based solopreneurs: What's the one thing that makes your offering different?

The answer is staring back at you in the mirror: YOU!

Why service-based business owners need to be the face of their brand

No one can replicate you. It will always be the thing that sets your business apart. "You" in your brand means:

  • Your personality

  • Your experience & background

  • Your way of working

  • Your unique perspective

  • Processes you've developed for your biz

  • How you interact with clients

  • Your client portfolio

  • The quirky little things that make you YOU!

How service-based solopreneurs can market themselves

I was inspired to write this post after chatting to one of my coaching clients, Kelly from Kiss Entertainment, who is a solo wedding DJ and musician and was considering a rebrand. I steered her away from this and focused her instead of streamlining her offering, refreshing her brand to reflect her bubbly personality and focusing the messaging in her marketing on all the things that are uniquely her.

I had a dig through her many 5 star Google reviews and uncovered absolute gems from clients, who referenced specific qualities and ways of working that make her a 5 star service provider. When you're in your business all day every day, it can be hard to see all the incredible stuff that's already there, but just needs to be drawn out and told over and over again in different ways in your marketing.

My partner Eddy and I put our wedding DJ business' success down to doing just this - putting more "us" into our marketing. You can check out how we do this on our website One More Song).

Are you a solopreneur needing some marketing help?

If you're a service-based solopreneur and you're not putting enough YOU in your marketing, get in touch with me to book in a chat and see if I can help!

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