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My career journey - from corporate marketer to business owner!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I'm so excited to share my career journey with you. I started my marketing consulting business Pump Me Up to help other creatives and professionals take the same path as me, turning their side hustle into a full time career!

My professional background

I have over 16 years of experience in various types of marketing, an area that is exciting and ever-changing (read more about me on my LinkedIn profile).

After finishing high school, I studied public communications at the University of Technology Sydney and started working in a small public relations agency while studying.

My clients were charities, small to medium business owners and larger organisations like Sydney Airport's Duty Free division.

From there I moved into digital marketing as Facebook had caused businesses to wake up and take a look at interacting with their clients online! I worked with some major international brands like Bayer.

From agency to the corporate world

In 2008 I entered the corporate world, working in the marketing department of a national law firm. This carried through in the next 13 years. I worked for law firms in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

This experience taught me so many skills that are relevant to all industries. The high pressure environment of a law firm and the high standards that are expected were perfect for my personality.

Working in London was really exciting and opened my eyes to the world. Not only did I get to travel, but I worked with colleagues from different regions from Africa to the US. I even got to work in Hong Kong for two months!

What I loved most about working in law firms was helping individual lawyers with unique marketing ideas and ways to boost their own reputation. The law is tricky to navigate so you need to be creative with your marketing. I helped lawyers and law firm businesses achieve this!

Becoming a business owner

I had always had the dream of working for myself, ever since I started work at that little PR agency all those years ago!

When I met my partner, Ed, he was DJing at weddings on weekends. Having a musical background myself (I played piano for years as a child), I became interested in learning to DJ too. So he taught me!

He worked for a couple of entertainment agencies before we decided to start our wedding DJ business One More Song. I was still working in a law firm full time so it was a side hustle for me for three years.

With a huge focus on marketing and a few changes in our business operations along the way, it now attracts our ideal clients and generates enough revenue for both of us to work on the business full time. I quit my corporate job in March 2021 and haven't looked back!

We also co-host a wedding industry podcast called Project Engaged, where we share our experiences of starting and running a successful small business.

And of course, I've finally started my own marketing consulting business, which is why you're here reading this post!

How Pump Me Up can help you follow in my footsteps

My marketing services help small service based businesses and professional individuals looking to build their profiles and connect with their audiences in an authentic way.

Marketing can feel overwhelming, particularly with so many platforms available to businesses and business owners. You don't have to do everything and you don't have to appeal to everyone.

That's where I step in! I genuinely want to help others smash their goals and become independent in their career. Feel the freedom of working for yourself. There is no feeling like it!

Get in touch!

If you've got a side hustle you want to ramp up, or you're a professional looking to raise your profile, contact me for a free discovery call to see how I can help you!

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