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The benefit of engaging in seemingly painful legal marketing activities

Award submissions, legal directory submissions, new business proposals for matters you probably won't be instructed on (but decide to pitch for anyway for other strategic reasons), podcast interviews with a limited subscriber base that take hours to research and prepare for... all pretty painful, right?

If you're a lawyer or legal marketing professional, you'd probably agree that these time-consuming and somewhat energy draining activities can feel like a waste of time if you don't "win" anything at the end. I disagree.

Smaller firms without a marketing team are unlikely to have the luxury of a matter capture system, regularly updated lawyer profiles, up-to-date web copy, etc. All of the activities I've listed above basically force you to sit down and collate/consider/write content that can be re-purposed for all of these things! This content includes:

  • Key messages: What makes your team/firm unique? What value do you offer clients? What is at the core of your business? How do you describe your services? How do you describe your matters/projects/deals? How do you refer to your clients?

  • Recent matters, written succinctly and neatly categorised by theme/industry/client type, etc.

  • Thought leadership: An up-to-date list of media coverage, speaking engagements, industry event attendance, etc.

  • Client testimonials/references.

All of this content is GOLD. You can use it for:

  • Updating your website copy - eg the messaging on your Home page and your About page, as well as your SEO (meta) data

  • Updating your Google Business profile (SO important for SEO!)

  • Fleshing out your LinkedIn profile (both company and individual), website profile or speaker bio

  • Social media content (eg highlighting a recent matter or including a snippet from a client testimonial)

  • Blog posts

  • Client bulletins and updates

  • Client case studies.

I could go on!

In my opinion, every marketing activity is an opportunity for further marketing, engaging with clients and extending the reach of your content to a new audience.

Let no piece of marketing (especially the ones take a lot of effort to produce!) go to waste - re-purpose, recycle, splice up your content and share the message in different ways to get maximum mileage!

If you're a boutique law firm owner wanting to ramp up your marketing efforts without taking on permanent staff, get in touch about my marketing consulting services via

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