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Why every small business needs a Google Business Profile

As small business marketing consultant, I am always baffled when I see businesses without a Google Business Profile. It's one of the best marketing platforms around and has had a lot of recent improvements with more features available.

The marketing benefits of a Google Business Profile

If you're a small business owner, here are some of the reasons for having a Google Business Profile:

  • It's free and easy to use

  • It helps you get found on Google

  • Your clients can review you (Bonus: Google Reviews boost your ranking on Google so you get found more easily)

  • You can add products, services and updates linking to your website

  • It gives you access to analytics like website clicks and search queries (ie "keywords") used to find you on Google.

What about if you don't get new clients from Google?

Even if Google is not a major source of quality client leads for you (YET), it's important as a validation tool for your audience looking up your business.

If the locality of your business is important to your clients, a Google Business profile is a must as it's linked to Google Maps, so greatly improves your chances of being found in a local search.

How to set up for your Google Business Profile

To set up your profile, find your business on Google Maps and click on "Own this business?", then follow the steps and watch your rankings climb!* 😉

*I can say this with confidence as the Google rankings for my business One More Song DJs have significantly improved as a result of our Business Profile.

Need help setting up some marketing fundamentals for your small business? Get in touch with me at!

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